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Stork Sim - Baby Deliver Report

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Stork Sim - Baby Deliver

Have you heard this strange myth about the storks delivering babies to their parents? well, let us tell you just one thing – here, in our new awesome stork sim - baby deliver game you’ll be able to become this stork and deliver the babies to their parents! no kidding – everything is real! grab a baby, search for its parents and get your reward! it’s not that easy as you may think! all these little babies are so similar that your birdy eye can’t tell them apart! fortunately, we made all their napkins different in colors, so the right parents are dressed in these colors too – it’s easy for you to distinguish them right from the air! follow the minimap to find you ‘clients’ and watch them smiling! each successful baby delivery will bring you some useful points with which you’ll be able to unlock some new possibilities for your game: new stork sizes and some amazing colorful skins! milky stork, yellow-billed stork, asian openbill, wood stork and even painted stork – so much species for your joy! check them all in stork sim - baby deliver game – you won’t be disappointed! be really attentive and careful not to mix all these babies up – the parents won’t be happy, of course! try to keep your stork’s energy level really high if you don’t want to fall down and crash – the game will be over then! you shouldn’t overestimate the level of your energy, so prevent some really long flights! stork sim - baby deliver features: • exciting stork delivery game – let the myth come into reality • interesting quest system • different types of storks to play for • nice colorful skins to unlock • stunning 3d city around you check this awesome stork sim - baby deliver game and become a real stork delivering little cute babies to their parents – have fun!

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