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Spelling Game -Spell & Learn Report

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Spelling Game -Spell & Learn

Spell and learn is free and simple spelling master game for all age group, it helps how to spell and recognize words in english in a better way. our app is a classic mental game for all ages. spell and learn game included with colorful pictures of food,beautiful fruits ,vegetables , months , day ,animals , birds , vehicles ,shapes & colors , alphabets voices with spelling to help improve english vocabulary skills every day.every time you play it's a new experience with new spelling ,picture and phonics sound. it is suitable for both adults and kids, resulting in an educational and enriching experience as you play. it has 3 different types of game play. 1)easy spelling : easy mode,perfect for learner. so it's easy to find the words and solve the puzzle. a picture is put on the screen with words outlined just above it. you can fill the word by choosing from the title below, placing them in the correct order to spell out words. 2)fill blank : as you move up in the game the game becomes much more difficult. if you are good with spelling then spell out the name of the picture using letters on the screen. there’s just one catch block to find out the correct alphabet to complete spelling correctly, and all the letters are jumbled up! 3)guess spelling :letters are placed at the bottom of the screen, but this time there’s no clue at the top!.you have to gusse the whole word and fill a spelling by seeing its picture. how to play: - selecte the spelling puzzle as per your knowledge of vocabulary. - simply drag a box with alphabet to connect each alphabet on the baking pan to form a word - by just drag and drop you can make a full word! - spelling puzzle guess the word game you have to identify the word by seeing its visual representation - you can use a help button to find correct answer. game features: - spell game with step by step learning - the child and adults can also listen to beautiful fruits ,vegetables , months , day ,animals , birds , vehicles ,shapes & colors , alphabets voices with spelling - 3 types of different words filling style with difficult levels. - improve their spelling and letter recognition - also improves their hand-eye co-ordination - learn how to pronounce the letters of the words - over 100 simple and popular words - on complete word , beatiful animation of that word when correctly completes the word with color combination and animations. - spell and learn building vocabulary powerful with so much fun - play offline in anytime and anywhere. - applicable to any ages! - also kids can play this popular spell and learn game - latest brain puzzle game to learn spelling - school spelling game - kindergarten spelling learning with fun and intractive way in easy mode - kids education learning game - school accessories and awareness - brain tranning game wow a great time playing spell and learn spelling master game and if you like the game and want to support it please leave a review and rate the game! thank you for your support!

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