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Enjoy learning advanced english! learn and play to learn faster and better. through a retro game style, you can continually test yourself over a range of 8 fundamental english categories, including phonology and functions. magister is more than an app for testing language knowledge, acting as more than a passive instrument for learning. this game encourages students to think deeply about the answers, as well as pushing a student to spell long words and structure complex sentences correctly. the language selected for the game focuses on functional, idiomatic and practical usage while avoiding obscure references. the game is primarily intended for students whose levels range between pre-intermediate and upper intermediate (b1 to c1 on the common european framework). this game will be a steeper learning curve for less advanced students looking for a challenge. there is also value as a remedial tool for students of all ages to consolidate and expand upon gained knowledge. learning is structured around eight colour-coded material categories: - error correction: -- highlighting common errors to avoid them in the future - functions: -- dive beyond word meaning to understand functions in context - grammar: -- learning about proper sentence structuring - idiomatic expressions: -- become familiar with common idiomatic expressions - phonology: -- explore intonation, pronunciation and the correct application of stress - prepositions: -- assimilate prepositions from well-contextualised sentences - vocabulary: -- gain a wide range of common and practical vocabulary - word building: -- expand your abilities in learning to build words rather than memorising them

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