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Roundrick - Brick Breaker Report

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Roundrick - Brick Breaker

Round rick brick breaker game takes on the gameplay mechanic of the classic arcade hits super breakout or arkanoid games while, at the same time, injects new features, mechanics and elements which will revolutionise the standard of arcade brick breaker games. swipe the screen to draw a line to let the marble bounce. don't let the marble fall down our of the screen. remember to swipe and draw! story once wonderful worlds of cute marbles were destroyed by malicious captain breaker. he used the power of his magic sword and created an army of squamen. the inhabitants of the cute marbles were thrown into the prison. their houses were destroyed and connections between worlds were broken. fight captain breaker, banish him and revive the marble worlds. don’t let the cute world turn into one dark brick! features - easy to play with familiar gameplay mechanic from super breakout and arkanoid - 8 different brick soldier minions that will try to stop you - use boosters as spells to help you defeat captain breaker - a unique one finger swipe control for a brick breaker game - rebuild, repair and renew the marble's houses and open new levels and worlds - more than 100 levels over 3 worlds - fight bosses and mini bosses to become the hero! - in-level bonuses (and curses) such as big marble, shooting, triple marbles and more! - achievements and leaderboards - new quest and daily rewards available - save your progress on cloud services ... and more for you to find out! be careful, the power of dark brick follows you! it is up to you to restore the glory of the cute marble worlds! swipe to draw and let the marble bounce. enjoy the expanded gameplay of the retro hits such as super breakout, arkanoid and even pong with more quest and adventure to become the hero!

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