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Superdude Rescue Mission Report

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Superdude Rescue Mission

Trying to rescue the alien invasion, superdude who is a half human and half robot having an incredible power and ability to combat the enemies and to save the planet. 100's of levels and an endless mode with lots of upgrades to the suits while having 4 suites which are: 1. prima i, ii & iii (each suit has plenty of upgrades) 2. aiolos i, ii & iii (each suit has plenty of upgrades) 3. spyro i, ii & iii (each suit has plenty of upgrades) 4. titan i, ii & iii (each suit has plenty of upgrades) the more you play and collect the energy which can be used to unlock the suits, its upgrades or special add-on from the wardrobe. the application has a global scoreboard where players score, levels unlocked & no. of kills made will be posted and shown. hope you will like the game. enjoy -vexeda

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