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Block Puzzle - Hexa Report

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Block Puzzle - Hexa

Puzzle game for all ages you are looking for an anti-stress game to reset your mind for coming work or fresh start? or may be searching the app store to find suitable block games for your kids? block puzzle - hexa is the right puzzle game that suits all ages. brain training block hexa puzzle block puzzle - hexa is very entertaining yet skillful game that can train your logical and tactical thinking. it deepens your recognition of shape and space. easy start with harder finish the rules are very simple but you can enjoy the game procedure in increasing difficulty. there are multiple difficulty options to choose from, each with many levels to conquer. it starts easy but gets tricky! no time limit! no wifi needed! you can play anytime & anywhere you want - enjoy the no-hurry & no-rush atmosphere because there is no time limit. you can think or pause as long as you can. meanwhile, it is one of the most addictive no wifi games to play offline, no mobile data needed. more highlights: * hundreds of levels in 4 difficulty levels. * stylish hexa blocks with eye-friendly colors. * ear-teasing & soft bgm & sound. * smooth visual effects * share the block hexa game with friends & families. ____________________ play block puzzle - hexa: 1. tap the hexa block below the hive board and drag to move it. 2. cram the hexa block into the hive board. 3. put all blocks into the board to finish the level! (you cannot rotate the blocks)

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