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Fantisserie is a high-paced strategy game for people who love fantasy football. as your new franchise's general manager, it's your job to build your stadium, draft your team, and train your players to complete against other fantisserie gms. the more players you beat, the faster you'll shoot up the leaderboard and unlock larger roster formations and special training rooms. fantisserie combines the elements of city-building games with fantasy sports in a massively-multiplayer online game. how is that possible? download and play to find out! it's free to play! == features == take control of your draft fantisserie’s let’s you decide when you want to draft your favorite players. unlock larger rosters and advanced formations to score more points and gain an edge on your competition. best of all, it only take three minutes to finish a live draft. play by your own rules have a hunch that your quarterback is going to have a monster game? drop him in one of your training rooms to generate multipliers that will boost his fantasy stats. make the right decisions and unlock your players’ untapped potential to crush your opponents. lead your franchise to glory! manage your players during the week to maximize your teams’ fantasy points. battle friends and foes throughout the season and climb fantisserie’s leaderboard in a quest to be the world’s best fantasy football franchise! note: a network connection is required to play

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