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Poche Summon

A mystic monster has slept underground for decades, waiting for the brave master to summon. in poche summon, you could enjoy your own time here, or “hang out” with your beloved friends and monsters. a battle or assist battle with your friend is also possible. - careers three default careers for pick-up, each stands in different factions as well as different natures. there’s a default monster for each careers, and more will be available when you hit higher levels. - monster shards there are plenty of monsters waiting for your summon. go to conquer the difficulties and get the shards to summon your own monsters! and use those shards to empower your monsters as well as your skills. - resource farming so-call “farm-to-table” resource is available. just plant your resource in the garden and wait for a gorgeous harvest from it. - dress your monsters up fancy attiers are here for you and your monsters. there are seasonal suits, sports set, cosplay costume etc.

TagsAdventure Role Playing Games

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