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Jon The Adventurer Report

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Jon The Adventurer

Jon the adventurer - the complete first season these are the games for the "jon the adventurer" books. all 5 games and adventures in one app! adventure 1: as jon the adventurer, are you ready to embark on your first grand quest to save your school from the dough monsters? adventure 2: in this second adventure, jon and his friend ida have to travel to the magic forest to solve a mystery. adventure 3: jon, ida and scout will race to save their lost friends deep in the magic forest by using team work. adventure 4: the truth will be revealed when dost goes missing, and all leads point to an evil corporation experimenting within the magic forest. jon will have to travel to an old cave filled with mechanical trouble! adventure 5: the grand finale for the first season of jon the adventurer sees all of our heroes coming together to face the soure of all their problems: petrule and their mechanical troublemakers!

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