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Christmas Celebrations 5 Report

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Christmas Celebrations 5

Avm christmas celebrations 5 is another point & click escape game developed by avmgames.you're starting to realize that the elves may not have only messed with the decors. you can see some people getting involved as well. and in this particular time, you have seen one person who's sitting through the cold. you can't imagine the cold he's feeling and you don't want to anyway. this gives you the idea that you should move fast in completing the decors. but the snow is continuing to fall and making it hard for you to see things. your glasses just keeps on fogging up. and you have to stop once in a while to clear it. you pull your clothing closer to your body. you just want to feel the warmth while walking around. fortunately, some of the misplaced decors are just lying around. you don't have to look far for them. but you still need to heighten your senses. your continuous interaction with the items brought about pleasant and unpleasant surprises. the only person you meet is waiting for santa in the middle of the cold. you want to move faster for him but the cold is just making you move like a turtle. still, you have to push through and keep on working on your mission. good luck and have fun!

TagsAction Escape

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