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Hit & Knock The Light Report

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Hit & Knock The Light

Johnny is trying to sleep but the light in this room is not switched off. he is trying to off it by throwing a ball at the switch. he needs your help to switch it off so that johnny can sleep well. try to off the switch by passing through many obstacles. welcome to the new arcade game where you have to drop the ball at a certain position to switch off the light and help johnny sleep. help him to sleep because he has to wake up early and needs to go to school. you have to use your brain to switch off the light as the balls are limited to only 5. switch off the light in 5 chances or you are failed. you have to use your brain in this puzzle game. set the position accurately by dragging your finger on the screen. lift the finger to drop the ball. you can thing as long as you can as there is no time limit in the game. be aware of many obstacles as they will destroy the ball and you can't switch off the light. features: * new arcade game * interesting gameplay and puzzle based levels * many balls and themes to select * many levels * cool music * addictive gameplay

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