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Tree Balls 3D Report

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Tree Balls 3D

Tree ball is a single tap hyper-casual game in which you will find yourself playing with fireballs for hours without even notice your time. touch and hold dot to dot for fire towards tree and destroy all leaves , avoid moving obstacles and complete multiple levels. play this most papular, free game that will keep you hooked for hours! the best ball shooting games for 2018. if you are a 3d shooter game lover, then this is your favourite balls hit game. best and most addictive arcade balls shooter. tree balls 3d is new arcade game that allow you to use cannon to shoot your perfect tower with tiny canon balls. there are no limit in 3d balls game. but you must destroy tree to pass the levels. shoot and roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the amazing obstacles, get your high score and challenge your friends. one-tap and easy-to-learn control with stunning visual effects and addictive gameplay. features :- ◉ one handed and one finger controls. ◉ multiple colourful tree and background themes ◉ endless levels and beautiful game play ◉ thrilling ball shooter game with canon ◉ shoot balls to make target finished how to play :- ◉ aim to shoot the balls to tree ◉ do not hit to moving obstacles ◉ fire the fissionable balls and wipe them out!

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