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Bearsgohome Line Logic Puzzle Report

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Bearsgohome Line Logic Puzzle

Tease your brain and have fun with the ultimate mix of lines connect and brain-teasing puzzles with logical challenges – bearsgohome. the connect lines game offers amazing entertainment with a wide variety of logic line puzzles. this animal match connect puzzle puts you in the role of puzzle solver that shows the homes to bears of the same color. amusing, yet mind teasing play an increasingly challenging line matching line puzzle where you need to connect the line and solve all logical challenges in each level! all you need to do is show the path to each bar by drawing the line on the board to the correct house of the same color. the lines between two bears can’t be crossed. 4 difficulty modes, hundreds of levels test your logical challenge line puzzle solving skills with 4 different game modes: beginner, medium, expert and master. sometimes it may seem impossible to show the path to the bears.. but there is always a way! can you become the line master and complete all levels in all 4 different game modes? why you’ll love bearsgohome: - hundreds of connect the line animal match challenges - 4 game modes - super-cute graphics and artwork - exquisite sound effects - ability to rearrange the homes and bears - remove ads in-app purchase well, now it’s time to help the bears to go home! start your adventure in the bear's kingdom with this animal puzzle line connect game.

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