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"when erase the heads, the bodies vanish!" this is a falling block puzzle game with cute sea creatures motif. blowfish, pufferfish ..., spotted garden eel! what kind of living things will come next? please enjoy the feast with sea creatures that appear one after another! ▼ two rules - when the blocks are aligned in a line, the line disappears. - when erase the heads, all the bodies will disappear! uoris is easy to erase blocks, even beginners are easy to play games! ▼ two types of operation - "slide with fingers, tap": for small screens like smartphones or for those who want to move intuitively with your fingers! - "move with rotation button": for large screens such as tablets and for advanced users who want to perform precise operation! you can choose according to your play style. (※ also, some game controllers are also supported.) ▼ suitable for both portrait and landscape screens one-handed play in portrait screen when going to school or commuting? or are you placing your waist and playing with landscape screen? please enjoy with your favorite style of play! (* if you unlock the orientation / rotation of the screen of the terminal, the orientation is automatically determined and the portrait and landscape are switched) ▼ healing bgm please imagine the harp's main music, which imaged the bottom of the ocean! [music / sound material] - maoudamashii https://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/ ▼ incorporated element there is a achievement system. this is a challenge from the creator. can you release(clear) all!? if you clear everything, please send me a screenshot! ▼ actually, points earnings are also hot! what? in the achievement, high score hints are hidden. let's register online rankings if you can score high! (you can enjoy the falling item puzzle game part even if you do not register in the ranking.) ▼ you can play for free download of "uoris" is free! in this application there is a purchasing content of “turn off advertisements” function. even if you do not purchase it, you can still play the game to the end.

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