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Kylie & Kendall Sisters Breakup Report

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Kylie & Kendall Sisters Breakup

Kylie and kendall have a big fight which ends up in a challenge. kendall has to create make-up instead of kylie and kylie has to walk the runway instead of kendall. so let's help each of them out and maybe things can end up ok. let's start with kendall and help her create a make-up line using a fruit flavor, something sweet, a gem and a color. help her wear the make-up so she can advertise it and dress her up in an outfit that will highlight the look. an asymmetric cream top, a golden skirt and a pair of earrings will be perfect. now let's help kylie get ready for the runway. apply make-up on her as well and choose an outfit. a fabulous off-shoulder green dress with golden embroidery on the top will be perfect. accessorize with jewelry and a fringed handbag. then prep the runway! how will this feud end? play kylie and kendall sisters breakup and find out!

TagsCelebrities Make Up Fashion Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner

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