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Fluttershy'S Pet Care Report

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Fluttershy'S Pet Care

Fluttershy loves animals, so she had decided to adopt a little kitten. help her take care of her new pet. put her in the tub and fill it up with water. she is a bit dirty on the fur, so wash her up with soap and rinse with water. then use a blow dryer and then a comb and a pair of scissors to style her fur. use a file for her nails. then you can finish this makeover by choose a cute hair accessory like a colorful bow or some flowers. you can also pick a lovely jacket like a pink one with yellow heart prints, a yellow and black striped one that makes her look like a bee or a blue and pink one with some flowers on the side. the kitten is hungry so feed her some delicious fish. then flutteryshy can stroke her so she can feel loved. have a blast playing fluttershy's pet care!

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