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Innovators World

Pick one from several options. you are an innovator if you could pick the one which no other players has picked. innovators world is a realtime multiplaying game that players take a guess each other on an element that no other players pick. this simple game is designed to enjoy thinking differently from others. the rule is simple: pick an element (i.e., animals, numbers, etc…) and wait for a result. the fewest become the winner (=innovator). when you want to relax, exercise your brain or kill some time, enjoy innovators world. *how to play: “easy mode” - take a guess and pick an animal that nobody would pick within a given time. - you can change your pick within a given time. - if you become an innovator, your score increases by 3 points. - easy mode is free to play. - collect animals in your picture book. - play with friends in local mode. “hard mode” - take a guess on a number that nobody would pick within a given time. - you consume 3 coins for playing one game. - if you are the only innovator, you get the amount of total coins on your score. - if there are several innovators, the total coins are divided by the innovators and add on their score. - trends shows past history of the games for your strategy. - bingo card: covering 3 squares either in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row, your score becoms x2. - every 100 score turns 30 bonus coin. *app features - easy mode and hard mode - simple thinking game for anyone to enjoy. - lucky or talented?

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