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Jake'S Adventure: Super Jumper Report

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Jake'S Adventure: Super Jumper

The mysterious dwarf kingdom is celebrating – jake and his wife krona are celebrating their anniversary. nothing bodes ill. but the king of the dark elves aglaron, steals into the feast. fifteen years he has been hatching plans of vengeance for the death of his brother, meneltor. at the feast, aglaron shoots krona with a poisoned arrow. fragments of the recipe for the antidote are spread all over the world. help jake gather them and save his beloved. complete all the locations and defeat all the bosses and aglaron himself. game features: - over 90 levels, 8 locations, 6 worlds; - 40+ unique mobs, 5 bosses, 7 character skins; - a system for developing your character and leveling up abilities; - a developed plot, quests and achievements; - simple control with one finger; - the game is suitable for the whole family: our game is fun to play both for children and adults; - cheerful and relaxing music; - fabulous animations and in-game graphics; - the game is in the category of free games. jake’s adventures is an adventure arcade platformer with modern processing, where you have to run, jump, break and smash blocks, earn gold coins. you can improve your character, buy new skins, items to simplify levels. the world is full of dangers! get ready to meet face-to-face with a variety of enemies from beetles, spiders, mice and birds to furious mountain trolls, mayan indians and grizzly bears! share your results with other players and earn achievements! download the game and help jake to return his beloved! for more information about the developer, you can get the following links: official website ice storm games: http://www.icestormgames.com official twitter ice storm games: https://twitter.com/icestormgame official fb page ice storm games: https://www.facebook.com/icestormgames/ eula link: http://icestormgames.com/terms-of-service

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