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Solar Explorer: New Dawn Report

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Solar Explorer: New Dawn

Earth resources are dwindling and tensions are rising around the globe. all nations of the world have united in a historic effort to colonize the worlds of the inner solar system and bring our civilization into the solar era. as the absolute best of the best, bravest of the brave and most awesome of the awesome, you are the humanity's best and last hope. no pressure. bring colonists and establish bases on worlds of the inner solar system by completing each mission. as you progress, unlock additional parts and skins for your customizable lander spaceship: parts make it possible to finish missions that were impossible before, skins help you express yourself through designing your very own lander craft. max out re-playable missions to gain bonuses to your lander attributes, a little something that goes a long way towards the end of the journey. real physics drive the core of this experience, so your lander configuration matters a lot, especially side thruster placement and angle. experiment beyond the default configuration to get the maximum out of your lander craft. procedurally generated missions offer a gameplay experience where each time you play a mission, challenge level is the same, but the actual experience is different, always keeping you on your toes, honing your lander piloting skills and pushing them forward. visit 6 alien worlds, recreated in stunning realism and beauty of all the worlds of our inner solar system. each environment has been faithfully recreated to resemble the world you are landing on, both on graphical and audio side. let the award nominated visuals of this game bring you one step closer to these distant worlds. immerse yourself in the award nominated soundtrack that interactively follows your journey in every stage of the game. soundtrack has been carefully composed and tailored to complement your adrenaline filled journey and leave you with a memorable experience. features: - unique lander type of gameplay experience. - 40 missions, spanning 6 worlds with real environmental physical conditions, including gravity, wind, and temperature. - customizable lander craft with unlockable parts and skins. - real physics control of your lander craft, configuration matters! - gorgeous, realistic and immersive awards nominated visuals and soundtrack. - difficulty modes for novices and pros alike. - 51 challenging achievements! it’s time to strap up, sharpen your skills and show humanity what you are made out of. welcome to solar explorer: new dawn!

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