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Yokotama is an easy-to-play, all-ages puzzle game that you can enjoy in short bursts. you can play all of the stages for free! enjoy it while you're on your daily commute or right before bed! [[ how to play ]] it's easy to play yokotama! when you line up the same kind of eggs in a horizontal row, they’ll hatch. remember, only horizontally! once you've hatched all of the eggs in a stage, you're done! [[ tips ]] when eggs of the same type are next to each other, they'll move at the same time. try to move them around so they change places with the other eggs! [[ stages ]] there are over 3800 stages in this game! as you play through the game, you'll encounter eggs that can't be moved, or transparent eggs that can match with any other kind of egg! there's a lot to discover! [[ important notes ]] you can play all of yokotama's stages for free! while you're playing, a video advertisement will play after a certain amount of time has passed. you can, of course, pay to permanently turn off advertisements!

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