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Vanity Bedroom Escape Report

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Vanity Bedroom Escape

You have just moved in a new dorm for college and you are sleeping in the top bunk of your new bedroom. but in the middle of the night you hear some noises and when you wake up you realized that you are locked in. it seems that you will only be able to escape if you solve a series of clues and puzzles. look around the room and try to find everything you need in order to escape. look all over, in the trash can, under the pillows or behind a toy truck to discover items and clues that you might need. remember everything you find and try open boxes with secret codes. your ultimate goal is to find the key that will allow you to open the door and escape the bedroom. you will need to be smart about it, so do you think you can do it? have an incredible time!

TagsRoom Escape Hidden Objects Puzzle

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