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Road Rex

Road rex after a day's work road rex just wants to get home like everyone else. road rex is a giant dinosaur with laser eye beams. get home as fast as you can! beat your arch-rival, the quick and messy blue dinosaur (tm). stop tv traffic choppers from getting footage of the mayhem you cause. try not to get a speeding ticket from a speed camera (speed limit is 70mph in the uk) - but if you do, make sure you do it in style for extra points. shove cars out the way and spill delicious lorry loads of kebabs, shoes and beans. try to exit the motorway in the left lane and don't get lost! controls arrow keys right and left - accelerate and decelerate arrow keys up and down - switch lanes, aim lasers x - lasers z/c - charge jump (release to jump) credits by ben jones (powersaurus on twitter)


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