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Get ready to prove your interior designer skills in this brand new decoration game for girls! join us in getting started with the aquarium game for girls and begin by creating a colorful world for the new inhabitants. browse through the wide selection of items you get to use and then feel free to pick your favorites to beautify this empty tank. then bring in the inhabitants: choose fish of your favorite colors, add a pink octopus and an orange seahorse and maybe a starfish and a turtle too. watch them enjoy your creation and then go to the next page of the game to learn how to professionally clean up the aquarium when it will be needed. first catch all the fish and move them into a smaller bowl. use a small bucket to empty the big tank, remove the decorations inside it and the sand too, and then clean up the glass walls. when you’re done you can put everything back and move to the next stage of the game which is going to test your fish caring skills - do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a fish doctor too? have a great time playing the aquarium game for girls!

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