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3D Desert Racer Report

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3D Desert Racer

3d desert racer is a free racing game. it is time to rev up and roll out. the city is a drag. the pollution, the people, the 'hurry up and wait' pace: it's enough to drive anyone mad. so, do it: drive mad! blast past the city limits and scream into the sand-covered simplicity of the desert. hit the nitro and drift into the sunset. 3d desert racer is an open world, sandbox-style driving game. you don't have to worry about the pressure of competing with other players or smashing into dumber, slower-moving cars. remember, you're here to chill out and ride on. just put the pedal to the metal and let your troubles slip away into the dry desert air. in this free driving game, you'll have the opportunity to choose one of three cars. a futuristic police cruise complete with flashing lights, a vintage muscle car, or some kind of modern hatchback thing. the hatchback thing is not as cool as the other cars but, of course, that is completely subjective and we leave it up to you to decide. just know that the muscle car is cooler and, really, if you think about it: more thematic.


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