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Good and clean selling is one of the crafts that one person either has it or not. usually it is easier for charming people, good looking ones, eloquent to leave good impression on potential customers. and on the other hand, you don't have to be a beauty queen or a handsome guy, you have the charm, you can still be the good seller. the art of selling is old as the human kind is.it has changed in epoques. but the main thing has left in centuries - how to achieve to sell more of your goods and services for the best price you can get and spend the less money you can? there are different models of selling - buying in a shop, purchasing on online stores, ordering products by choosing them in a catalogue. and one od the oldest models maybe, the selling door to door is still alive. it functions especially on housewives and when people sell products one needs for the home and family. off course, the seller needs to be very good to persuade you to let him inside your home and show him the products performances. there are sellers that are so boring that one would like to show them the door the second moment they start to talk. wilma is a boss in a company that produces technics and cleaning products. their way of selling is the 'salesman' type, which means selling from door to door and do presentations. together with her team wilma is guest in carla's house and she wants to present her cleaning products and all the products they sell. carla's house is a little bit older and at some points it ja pretty damaged and devastated and according to the business locigs of wilma, that is a perfect occasion to show the power of cleaning of their apparels and cleaning products. so put yourself in to the skin of the most influential seller that has ever come to your door and help wilma and her colleagues leave a great impression on their host carla.


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