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Lina Babysitter

Put your babysitter smile on, today you can practice your baby caring skills in this brand-new game for girls called lina babysitter. in it, you are challenged to take care of one adorable newborn baby, and oh my… there’s a lot to do. but first, decide if you’d like to take care of a chubby boy or an adorable girl, and once the main decision was taken, start impressing them with your supernanny skills. there are many activities you can choose from. you can spoil your baby with a warm bubbly bath, or you can serve him or her a delicious lunch, or you can take the baby to the learning room and teach him/her a few things. a diaper change activity is also available, and you can even help planning his or her birthday party! do you think you can complete all these activities? get started with this online baby care game for girls and have a great time proving your nanny skills!

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