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Giant Attack Report

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Giant Attack

Unleash the power, conquer the giants, and evolve in giant attack - where every move is a step towards dominance! dive into giant attack, a game that seamlessly combines strategy and action. as you navigate through dynamic levels, your mission is to defeat towering giants and cunning smaller foes. position yourself to pick up colored objects, and watch as your character auto-throws them to crush enemies. the battlefield is teeming with mini allies, and by collecting them, you supercharge, growing in size and strength to hurl even larger, devastating objects. and with a plethora of skins to choose from, you can battle in style! so gear up, grow, and get ready to dominate in giant attack! enjoy playing this game here at y8.com!

TagsFighting Fun 3D Physics Throwing Android Mouse Skill Free Mobile 1 Player Html5 Hyper Casual

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