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play Cratemage

coolbuddy.complay Cratemage on - A puzzle filled dungeon where your command of ..

play Puppy Maze

coolbuddy.complay Puppy Maze on - Micky is a hungry little puppy and he is ..

play Alt Shift

coolbuddy.complay Alt Shift on - When an evil professor kidnaps someone you care ..

play The Maze Temple

coolbuddy.complay The Maze Temple on - Go through the maze, collect coins, grab the ..

play Labrat

coolbuddy.complay Labrat on - Quest for cheese help the rat find all forty ..

play Layer Maze

coolbuddy.complay Layer Maze on - A cool 3d maze where you must manipulate the ..

play Remaze

coolbuddy.complay Remaze on - Try to navigate your way through two block ..

play Mousemaze

coolbuddy.complay Mousemaze on - Move your mouse around the obsticles without ..

play Seven Mazes

coolbuddy.complay Seven Mazes on - Seven mazes ,seven floors ,the sum is the key.

play Orbs And Maze

coolbuddy.complay Orbs And Maze on - Take control of monty magic orb sent straight ..

play Mazego

coolbuddy.complay Mazego on - Get to the end of the maze without being ..

play Maze #1

coolbuddy.complay Maze #1 on - You are racing against the clock to solve a ..

play Cow Maze

coolbuddy.complay Cow Maze on - Place the arrows in the right spot so ..

play Click Maze 2

coolbuddy.complay Click Maze 2 on - Guide the small red pill through the maze while ..