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play Dot Lock

games2rule.complay Dot Lock on - Touch dots to connect the requested number of ..

play Rounding Math Boxing

hoodamath.complay Rounding Math Boxing on - Click the correct answer before 10 seconds runs ..

play Time Punch

hoodamath.complay Time Punch on - Click the correct digital clock that matches ..

play Flappy 2048

supergames.complay Flappy 2048 on - Try your hand at this flappy-bird styled game ..

play Integer Tilt

hoodamath.complay Integer Tilt on - Use arrows to keep the scale balanced. every ..

play Sand Grid

hoodamath.complay Sand Grid on - 1. look at the start and end coordinates. sand ..

play Count The Cubes

hoodamath.complay Count The Cubes on - Count the cubes as they fall or after they ..

play 2048

gamesbutler.complay 2048 on - 2048 is a puzzle game with sliding blocks.

play 2048

hoodamath.complay 2048 on - Combine matching tiles to reach tile 2048. use ..

play Fractions Timed Tests

hoodamath.complay Fractions Timed Tests on - All your favorite operations with fractions, ..

play Centaur - Hidden Numbers

mochimedia.complay Centaur - Hidden Numbers on - This is another hidden numbers game from my ..

play Pimon

hoodamath.complay Pimon on - Repeat the sequence after the computer ..

play Flappy Factors

hoodamath.complay Flappy Factors on - Click to make the bird fly, go through the ..

play Hooda'S Drive-Thru

hoodamath.complay Hooda'S Drive-Thru on - Give back the correct change. 3 strikes on any ..

play Boxes

mochimedia.complay Boxes on - Your task - remove the blocks from the first to ..

play Day Trader

hoodamath.complay Day Trader on - Click on the buy button to purchase at a low ..

play Curse Of Combination

mochimedia.complay Curse Of Combination on - Just be amazed!

play Math Timed Tests

hoodamath.complay Math Timed Tests on - Choose a subject, choose number of questions, ..

play Number Wheel

mochimedia.complay Number Wheel on - Get robo to its destination, which has numbers ..

play Barbie In A Mermaid Tale

showgirlgames.complay Barbie In A Mermaid Tale on - Our beautiful barbie had a wonderful dream last ..

play Lemonade Stand

hoodamath.complay Lemonade Stand on - Zoom in by touching anywhere on the screen but ..

play The Dice To Removing Lines

mochimedia.complay The Dice To Removing Lines on - The game is rolling 5 dice. choose the 3 dice ..

play Plus Or Minus?

mochimedia.complay Plus Or Minus? on - Plus or minus? is an original educational high ..

play Pocket Change

hoodamath.complay Pocket Change on - Drag out currency from the bottom of the screen ..