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play 3 Man Chess 3 Man Chess on - An app version of the "3 man chess: in the ..

play Ludum Dare: The Game

maitrepantoufle.itch.ioplay Ludum Dare: The Game on - Participate to the ludum dare #43

play Frogeknight

prodigalson.itch.ioplay Frogeknight on - Forge weapons, battle waves of enemies, and ..

play Soul Assasin

cyclons.itch.ioplay Soul Assasin on - Available to play online

play Istenek

fenderbate.itch.ioplay Istenek on - A demon is terrorizing the kingdom. capcure the ..

play Learn To Die

creativehammer.itch.ioplay Learn To Die on - A game about sacrificing intelligent citizens ..

play Bee Defence

antonhvid.itch.ioplay Bee Defence on - Defend your beehive by sacrificing your bees

play Village'S Gods

akai-panda.itch.ioplay Village'S Gods on - A ludum dare 43 game where you must sacrifice ..

play Trova Ardilosa

toni-dorneles.itch.ioplay Trova Ardilosa on - ​três rapazes aleatórios com o objetivo de ..

play Warriors League

qgames.orgplay Warriors League on - Unite your band of brave warriors! travel ..

play Lava Luva

jagendar.itch.ioplay Lava Luva on - Make a village and appease the volcano god.

play Soul Sacrifice

raziyya.itch.ioplay Soul Sacrifice on - Available to play online

play Withoutcowboy

houkime.itch.ioplay Withoutcowboy on - Entry for minijam, made in 3 days, theme ..

play Perfectly Normal Inc.

fshpsmgc.itch.ioplay Perfectly Normal Inc. on - Available to play online

play Peacemaker

mehozavr.itch.ioplay Peacemaker on - Available to play online

play Legends Of Valkyries Legends Of Valkyries on - When a curious and adventurous nordic girl ..

play Boom Town

gamesonly.complay Boom Town on - Boom town is a strategy based online game in ..

play Dtac

recl.itch.ioplay Dtac on - A prototype xcom-y doom/doom-y xcom hybrid for ..

play Hybridation

l3v3l.itch.ioplay Hybridation on - ​humanity is being infected by the hybridation ..

play Peter'S Special Afternoon

zank.itch.ioplay Peter'S Special Afternoon on - Tower-defense x fishing

play Super Awesome Space Game

elam92.itch.ioplay Super Awesome Space Game on - Super awesome space game with dashes of bugs ..

play Workin' Progress

jamesgary.itch.ioplay Workin' Progress on - Stardew valley meets tower defense

play Cook It!™ - Food Cooking Chef Cook It!™ - Food Cooking Chef on - “cook it!” is an awesome new restaurant ..

play No Man'S Land

joshyoshkenoshi.itch.ioplay No Man'S Land on - A simple tactical board game.