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Shift Heads Assault 3 Report

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Shift Heads Assault 3

In this game you are an assassin surrounded by enemies. you need to kill them before they kill you. use your wasd keys to move and your left click on the mouse to shoot. you can reload your weapon with the r key and change weapons with q key. also you can attack with the space bar, or use it to pick up items. you can buy new items and choose the ones you can equip yourself with. you can only pick one item of a certain kind, and choose wisely, as each of them have a different set of attributes. you can attack the village or the bank and you need to survive for as long as you can. your ammo is limited, but you can pick up new ammo during the level. just do not forget to reload your gun. you will have a lot of fun playing this incredibly fun game of assassin!

TagsBomb Fighting Running Killing Flash Guns Shotgun Single Player Shooting Action

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