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Rail Rush Online Report

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Rail Rush Online

Rail rush is the latest spin off that has been created to cater to those gamers that are addicted to the likes of temple run and the developers have created a very popular title with millions of players already playing this one! you are placed into a coal mine cart as you look to make your way through the old mineshafts in the hunt for treasure and as you make your way through the winding mines, you realise that most of the rail tracks for your cart are broken, meaning that you need to be on point if you are going to be able to get deep enough to get your hands on the real gold! rail rush is not just a free online game either, there are paid versions of the title being released on mobile devices but we know that like us, you won’t want to have to pay to play the game when you can come to free-games.net and play it completely free and without the need to download. can you make your trip to the coal mine pay as the gold continues to appear as you get deeper into the mine or will you not see the gap in the tracks, resulting in your falling off the track?!


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