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Dragonball Z Devolution December 2012 Report

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Dragonball Z Devolution December 2012

Based off of the dragonball z gameboy game, dragonball z devolution is a throwback with tons of playable characters! go to 'setup' to try out a retro gameboy mode. play through story mode, tenkaichi tournament mode, or just matches with a friend or npc. increase the power of some characters by transforming! collect all of the characters to fill your database. default controls: player 1: arrow keys - move (double tap to dash) x - attack (hold to charge shot) c - guard (hold to charge ki) player 2: 4/6/8/2(numpad) - move (double tap to dash) i - attack (hold to charge shot) o - guard (hold to charge ki)

TagsBeat Em Up

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