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One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.6 Report

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One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.6

One piece ultimate fight 1.6 is available! luffy, zorro, nami... all the heroes are there for new fights against enemies. select your favorite characters with wasd keys by validating with j key. once it's done, enter the arena. use a and d keys to move your character and uiojkl to fight. you can also play with a friend, he has to use arrow keys and numerical keys (1 to 6) to fight. if you are a big fan of the series, here are the other versions of the game: one piece ultimateone piece ultimate 1.0one piece ultimate 1.1one piece ultimate 1.2 one piece ultimate 1.3 one piece ultimate 1.4 one piece ultimate 1.5

TagsFighting Action

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