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Ariel Water Pokemon Report

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Ariel Water Pokemon

There are many water pokemons out there and princess ariel succeeded to catch them all. now she needs to learn how to properly take care of their needs and she could surely use a precious helping hand. come and teach her a few things about a pokemon's caring routine. the first in line is squirtle and it seems he needs a bubble bath, food, sleep and a fun session with his favourite trainer. complete all the given activities so that you can move on to the next one in line, psyduck who badly needs a new haircut. polliwog got injured a bit during her last fight, so you and ariel have to clean and cure her wounds. next, put your doctor skills to a major test and see if you can deal with kingdra's flu and move on to the next page of the game to see what challenging task finneon has prepared for you girls.

TagsMermaid Caring Care Animals Pokemon Ariel Skill

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