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Super Jigsaws Horses Report

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Super Jigsaws Horses

The best jigsaw puzzle games available! super jigsaws bring you delightful 3d graphics, enhanced with soothing music and exciting sound effects. our jigsaws have the smoothest controls, you simply touch your screen to pick and place pieces. super jigsaws horses features 15 beautiful horse pictures! take a gentle walk, or a challenging gallop - our precious pony puzzles have something for everyone. hours of fun, suitable for all ages. features: 8 levels: 9,16,25,64,100,169,256, and 324 piece puzzles custom game: change table top and choose piece shapes, thicknesses, and edge colors; adjust music and sound-effects to your preference helpful: view the complete image as you play; use a magnifying glass to view detail in the harder levels win! awards as you play picture-viewing gallery: including image-effect tools for extra fun!

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