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Mystera Legacy

Mystera legacy is a free to play mmo with a simple 2d style featuring a player made world with crafting, construction, skill levels, tribes, and pvp. there is an infinite dungeon with a variety of monsters and unique loot you can find underground. build your base above or below ground, wall by wall with floor tiles to keep your items safe from thieves. repair your walls, put up towers, and place locks to keep raiders away. start a farm to grow food which you can cook and bring on your adventures to sustain you. make friends and form a tribe, hunt for treasure, and upgrade your equipment with valuable resources. live in peace or become infamous in this sandbox mmorpg, either way you can level up and become powerful through the skill based leveling system.

TagsAdventure Collecting Multiplayer Android Free Monsters Dungeons Mobile Purchase Equipment Upgrades Html5 Action Rpg (Hack And Slash) Mmo

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