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play Flip Words

kongregate.complay Flip Words on -

play The Adventure Of The Three (Gj)

kongregate.complay The Adventure Of The Three (Gj) on - Help these 3 friends in your adventure. each ..

play The Rise Of The Legion

kongregate.complay The Rise Of The Legion on - In this game you take the role of a legate: the ..

play Minesweeper World

kongregate.complay Minesweeper World on - A variation of the classical minesweeper game ..

play Revolution Idle 2

kongregate.complay Revolution Idle 2 on - Ninjanic and me made the second part of this ..

play Test

kongregate.complay Test on - A pre-alpha version of the vanquished land. ..

play Outhack

kongregate.complay Outhack on -

play Crime Syndicate

kongregate.complay Crime Syndicate on - Early access crime syndicate is a crime ..

play Kinda Like Flappy Bird

kongregate.complay Kinda Like Flappy Bird on - This is an old build of my game a quick game i ..

play A Son'S Nightmare

kongregate.complay A Son'S Nightmare on - Warning: this game is based off of the “are ya ..

play War : Conquering The World

kongregate.complay War : Conquering The World on - You are the commander of a large fleet of army ..

play Guns Don'T Need People

kongregate.complay Guns Don'T Need People on - Play as an individual gun who doesn’t need ..

play Ninjas Vs Zombies

kongregate.complay Ninjas Vs Zombies on - This is a lane defense game concept that i made ..

play Dodge Falling Objects

kongregate.complay Dodge Falling Objects on - An arcade game where the objective is to dodge ..

play Light Wanderer

kongregate.complay Light Wanderer on - An innovative platformer where your flashlight ..

play Idlespace 2

kongregate.complay Idlespace 2 on - Sequel of idlespace. still in ..

play 2020 Collect

kongregate.complay 2020 Collect on - Use mouse to move. get 1 point for each ..

play Cryomancer

kongregate.complay Cryomancer on - Cryomancer is a precision-platforming game that ..

play Survival Miner

kongregate.complay Survival Miner on -

play Journey In The Dungeon 2

kongregate.complay Journey In The Dungeon 2 on - Dungeon crawler, top-down action and adventure, ..

play Conquista

kongregate.complay Conquista on - Conquista es un juego de platformas donde hay ..

play Kongpanion Katcher

kongregate.complay Kongpanion Katcher on - Use all of those kongpanions you’ve earned and ..

play Bad Game 2

kongregate.complay Bad Game 2 on - This has nothing to do with the first game but ..