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play Dasher Reborn

kongregate.complay Dasher Reborn on - Control the jumping dashing cube to aviod ..

play Clicker

kongregate.complay Clicker on -

play Click That Pie

kongregate.complay Click That Pie on - Are you tired of trying to find games on ..

play Fetch The Coin!!!

kongregate.complay Fetch The Coin!!! on - This game is a decent fetch game that will ..

play Grassy On The Lose

kongregate.complay Grassy On The Lose on - Do you like plat-former games well this is the ..

play Heist-Off

kongregate.complay Heist-Off on - Compete against a friend and collect as much ..

play Zombie Invasion

kongregate.complay Zombie Invasion on - Fight for survival in this 2d zombie killing ..

play Get 100 Or More

kongregate.complay Get 100 Or More on - A simple arcade game with color matching. the ..

play Dungeonquest

kongregate.complay Dungeonquest on -

play Coin Clicker - Made With Scratch

kongregate.complay Coin Clicker - Made With Scratch on - I made this game on scratch 2 years ago and ..

play Parkour

kongregate.complay Parkour on -

play 2 Player Soccer

kongregate.complay 2 Player Soccer on - Score in the other the persons goal it goes on ..

play Juicefruit Orchard

kongregate.complay Juicefruit Orchard on - Run a farm, grow juice, and sell it to pay your ..

play Solar System

kongregate.complay Solar System on - The nine planets of the solar system rotate ..

play Slide Together

kongregate.complay Slide Together on - In slide together, the goal of each level is to ..

play Top Down Zombie Shooter

kongregate.complay Top Down Zombie Shooter on - This is a top down view on a zombie ..

play Jump Rocky Jump

kongregate.complay Jump Rocky Jump on - Jump rocky jump is jumping game where you need ..

play Battle

kongregate.complay Battle on - A two-player platformer! embark on an epic ..

play Get Me Out...

kongregate.complay Get Me Out... on - A “horror” maze game where you have to get out ..

play Easter Match 3

kongregate.complay Easter Match 3 on - Swap adjacent easter eggs in order to make a ..

play Mushroom Puzzles

kongregate.complay Mushroom Puzzles on - Push the blocks from left and right side or up ..