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play Left = Lose

qgames.orgplay Left = Lose on - Left = lose is a classic arcade platformer ..

play Manorvania

qgames.orgplay Manorvania on - Manorvania is a short metroidvania where you ..

play Lolbeans.Io

qgames.orgplay Lolbeans.Io on - is a multiplayer racing game where ..

play Mandy'S Mini Marathon

qgames.orgplay Mandy'S Mini Marathon on - Mandy's mini marathon is a platformer ..

play Fetch Quest

qgames.orgplay Fetch Quest on - Fetch quest is an action platformer about a ..

play Dog! Platformer

qgames.orgplay Dog! Platformer on - Play as a dog that is trying to collect all the ..

play Ritz

qgames.orgplay Ritz on - Your cool boy ritz the rat has just been ratted ..

play Flap

qgames.orgplay Flap on - You can be a bird, but you'll need to fly. jump ..

play Jumpwig

qgames.orgplay Jumpwig on - Ludwig is stuck in a cave, you'll have to help ..

play Le Chat Fonce - Dreams

qgames.orgplay Le Chat Fonce - Dreams on - Le chat fonce - dreams is a new adventure ..

play Sweet Dreams

qgames.orgplay Sweet Dreams on - Sweet dreams is a 2d puzzle platformer about ..

play Cube Run

gamedistribution.complay Cube Run on - Cube run this is a fun game that will allow you ..

play Vex 3 Remastered

qgames.orgplay Vex 3 Remastered on - In vex 3 html5 you must avoid traps, run, jump, ..

play Seedlings

qgames.orgplay Seedlings on - Seedlings is a photo-realistic puzzle ..

play Hedrons

qgames.orgplay Hedrons on - Hedrons is a futuristic precision platformer. ..

play Palitodx

qgames.orgplay Palitodx on - Protect your core! you'll have to rotate the ..

play Forgecore

qgames.orgplay Forgecore on - A mysterious construct on a journey in a cold ..

play Dying Rogue

qgames.orgplay Dying Rogue on - You aren't the first and you won't be the last ..

play Bricks Master

qgames.orgplay Bricks Master on - How many levels can you beat? crush bricks in ..

play Consumable Controls

qgames.orgplay Consumable Controls on - Pick up and consume controls to get to the exit ..

play Restless Wing Syndrome

qgames.orgplay Restless Wing Syndrome on - Play as a hungry pigeon scavenging the city ..

play Find The Treasure

qgames.orgplay Find The Treasure on - Complete the all 5 levels and find the ..

play Flail Fall

qgames.orgplay Flail Fall on - Tumble through the air in this unconventional ..

play Imp

qgames.orgplay Imp on - Another sick year and another great theme. ..