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play My Little Pony Unicorn Dress-Up

Choose from 8 unicorns to dress up, then choose a horn for your unicorn, as well as her mane, hooves, cape, wings and more! clic

play Dinasaur Hunt

In the forest, you have to hunt small dinos or other animals and make them your prey. they can feel your presence and can smell,

play Animals Jumble

Find an animal name using the given letters and then tap that animal on the screen. in each level there will be 5 scrambled word

play Shoot The Duck

Your hunting dog whines in impatience, because the duck hunting season is coming. he can not wait to bring you a booty, which yo

play Sniper Stag Hunter

Enter into free hunting game in updated mode of jungle hunter games. be a real hunter through action game with a lot of action p

play Epic Run

Epic Run

Jun 29th, 2020 play Epic Run on

play Animals Connect

This is a classic puzzle game, inspired by popular chinese tile removal game, mahjong. in this you need to eliminate all the til

play Cat Wizard Defense

Position the cat defensive towers to defend against slime balls. collect energy by destroying the slime balls. use energy to pu

play Offroad Animal Truck Transport Simulator 2020

For heavy vehicle (truck, cargo, bus) driving games lover we are offering you animal game. driver load your cargo truck & animal

play Crazy Shark

Far in the sea lives a shark named johnny. one day, our hero decided to visit his distant relatives living many miles away. when

play Learning Farm Animals: Educational Games For Kids

Farm animals are cute, happy and funny! our interactive educational games for kids kindergarten are creative and help children d

play Panda Holic

A rhythm game to tap the moving files.

play Kawaii Jump

In kawaii jump, control a cute little purple slime that jumps to the top. hop your way on to solid tiles. avoid dangerous tiles

play Find Animals Pair

Find animals pair is memory game with animals. pair two same blocks with animals. pair them all fastest as you can and try to pa

play Elephant Silhouette Jigsaw

Elephant silhouette is jigsaw game where you ca play with images with elephant silhouettes in it. click on image choose mode to

play Fox Hunter Sniper Jigsaw

Sniper fox hunter is a first person shooter game. it has grass, mountains with a very realistic environment. it has ultimate hun

play Preschool

In preschool games you can find and play four different puzzle games for preschool kids. you can play with colors, shapes, anima

play Real Jungle Animals Hunting

Real jungle animals hunting is free fun when one is a professional hunter as an unprofessional will expose his life in trying t

play Animal Zoo Transporter Truck Driving Game 3D

Complete challenging animal transport missions its not some crane operator and zoo constructor game. play this immersive wild fo

play Snake Challenge

Collect fruits and grow your snake. avoid the four walls, and don't collide with yourself! slither your way to get the highes

play Growing Fish

In a large and deep lake lives a huge number of fish. they all lived in peace until the nasty little fish that eat other steel.

play Whack A Mole

Whack as many moles as you can, within 15 seconds. earn extra time by hitting hard-hat moles. magician moles get you extra poi

play Hungry Chameleon

Chameleon need to eat flies there are in two sides, left & right, in the start screen. chameleon conforms its color with each fl