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play Tilted Tiles

qgames.orgplay Tilted Tiles on - Guide a cube across the platforms to clear all ..

play Rubek

qgames.orgplay Rubek on - Move the cube according to the colors. you must ..

play Bro Draw It

qgames.orgplay Bro Draw It on - All squares must be colored, but you cannot ..

play Fill Multicolor

qgames.orgplay Fill Multicolor on - Make your way through the grid in this ..

play Snail Trail

qgames.orgplay Snail Trail on - Two snails will have to brave a lot of ..

play V

qgames.orgplay V - You play as a creature that has lost its way in ..

play 1 Square

qgames.orgplay 1 Square on - Move on platforms made with different cubes. ..

play Blocks Must Fall!

qgames.orgplay Blocks Must Fall! on - Find the right path for your red cube to clear ..

play Taxi Pickup

qgames.orgplay Taxi Pickup on - Play as a taxi driver. your goal is to pick up ..

play Santa Is Coming - Ways

qgames.orgplay Santa Is Coming - Ways on - Santa is coming, is a path finding puzzle game ..

play Slide Fill

qgames.orgplay Slide Fill on - Slide fill is apuzzle game where you try to ..

play Garden Adventure

qgames.orgplay Garden Adventure on - Garden adventure is a top-down puzzle game in ..

play Gluttonous Snake

qgames.orgplay Gluttonous Snake on - Draw a gluttonous snake and don't hit itself. ..

play Connecty

qgames.orgplay Connecty on - Connecty is a puzzle game in which you should ..

play Cubenaut

qgames.orgplay Cubenaut on - Cubenaut is a creative puzzler where your goal ..

play Hexahedral

qgames.orgplay Hexahedral on - Hexahedral is a logical mini game, which ..

play Link Line Puzzle

qgames.orgplay Link Line Puzzle on - Just link all of the blocks using only one ..

play Puzzle Egg

qgames.orgplay Puzzle Egg on - Help a chicken collect all her eggs in this fun ..

play Space Buttons

qgames.orgplay Space Buttons on - Make all the red buttons blue. help your little ..

play Green Line

qgames.orgplay Green Line on - Green line is a great mind puzzle game in which ..

play Party Cat

qgames.orgplay Party Cat on - Be the cool cat of the party. simple one swipe ..

play Blackened

qgames.orgplay Blackened on - Blackened is a sokoban-esque puzzle game, made ..

play Logic Tail

qgames.orgplay Logic Tail on - Will you be able to make it to the tail end of ..

play Overlink Shadows

qgames.orgplay Overlink Shadows on - The sequel to overlink, shadows brings 30 new ..