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play Ninja-Run

davigame.itch.ioplay Ninja-Run on - Fai saltare il ninja!

play Ghostly Cavern

oxice.itch.ioplay Ghostly Cavern on - Fly outta cave away from ghost !

play Ludoviajante E Meteoro Brasil

fabriciobits.itch.ioplay Ludoviajante E Meteoro Brasil on - Play in your browser

play Dungeon Wizard

cryodensity.itch.ioplay Dungeon Wizard on - Play in your browser

play Check'S Adventures Demo

colin-pladion.itch.ioplay Check'S Adventures Demo on - Platformer game where the player is a horse ..

play Duck, Smash And Hop!

tagis.itch.ioplay Duck, Smash And Hop! on - Run from the enemy along the wall. don't lose ..

play Platformer Game Demo

toonjay.itch.ioplay Platformer Game Demo on - A 2d platformer game demo made with unity and ..

play There'S A Monster In My Head

naty-mtz.itch.ioplay There'S A Monster In My Head on - Un videojuego serio acerca de la psicoeducación ..

play Willow : The Little Witch

witchs-house.itch.ioplay Willow : The Little Witch on - Come and survive the cruel world with willow.

play Super Mario 2D World + Palutena'S Fury

gamingwithdominic.itch.ioplay Super Mario 2D World + Palutena'S Fury on - An open-world 2d adventure

play Mellow Yellow

gabrielatwell.itch.ioplay Mellow Yellow on - I created this game thanks to borncg.

play Super Mario Bros Copy

david-dev66.itch.ioplay Super Mario Bros Copy on - Play in your browser

play Tbd 2D Platformer

novalabs.itch.ioplay Tbd 2D Platformer on - This is a work in progress. i'm putting this ..

play Quack'S Cave

zpdosmaen.itch.ioplay Quack'S Cave on - A short demo where i was messing around trying ..

play Brainil

genroplay.itch.ioplay Brainil on - Funny brain adventure is here! play this game: ..

play Player Keller Beta

mecanicstudio.itch.ioplay Player Keller Beta on - Play in your browser

play Mr. Bits Bad Day

bloyot.itch.ioplay Mr. Bits Bad Day on - Game off 2022 2d platformer

play Lego Breaking Bad But For Lower End Pc'S

coolepicgamer.itch.ioplay Lego Breaking Bad But For Lower End Pc'S on - Platformer

play Super Handyman

pareal-games.itch.ioplay Super Handyman on - The classic platformer game

play Penguin Run

omega-grim.itch.ioplay Penguin Run on - One button puzzle game for the one button game ..

play Project Sunday

maxymost.itch.ioplay Project Sunday on - The last descender

play Shrimpassion

vasini25.itch.ioplay Shrimpassion on - 2d plataformer pixel-art challenging game with ..

play Jumped Run

chirbo-production-games.itch.ioplay Jumped Run on - Jump and run to avoid the traps. get the best ..

play Quarto De Doce

happycodefloripa1.itch.ioplay Quarto De Doce on - Play in your browser