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play Small Maze

kongregate.complay Small Maze on - This is my first game so don’t expect much.

play Bigger Maze

kongregate.complay Bigger Maze on - Updated version of small maze with more levels! ..

play Wall Roller

kongregate.complay Wall Roller on - Wall roller is a one-button puzzle game where ..

play Hp Atk Def

kongregate.complay Hp Atk Def on - Collect the pickups in each level and defeat ..

play Cinderblock

kongregate.complay Cinderblock on - Getting tired of difficult games? well, this ..

play It'S Just Tic Tac Toe

kongregate.complay It'S Just Tic Tac Toe on - It’s just a simple game of tic tac toe and ..

play Farmer Adeventure Stencyl Edition, The Worst Idle Crap Ever

kongregate.complay Farmer Adeventure Stencyl Edition, The Worst Idle Crap Ever on - Alpha build 1 – just a shitty idle crap adapted ..

play Platt 4

kongregate.complay Platt 4 on - Please play

play Down Is Up

kongregate.complay Down Is Up on - Down is up, except when down is down of course. ..

play Santa Idler

kongregate.complay Santa Idler on - Idle game in style sweet winter time! :) open ..

play A Shift In Time

kongregate.complay A Shift In Time on - A platform game with an amnesiac character who ..

play Rotiart

kongregate.complay Rotiart on - This is my first game. it’s a space shooter ..

play Pixel Aliens

kongregate.complay Pixel Aliens on - Retro styled bullethell arcade shooter

play Greenie

5games.complay Greenie on - Greenie is felling green and hungry. aside of ..

play Stencyl 3.1 Tutorial 1

kongregate.complay Stencyl 3.1 Tutorial 1 on - This interactive tutorial will show you ..

play Cavern

5games.complay Cavern on - Enter the spookiest, most terrifying cavern ..

play Jam2014 Cookie Clicker

mochimedia.complay Jam2014 Cookie Clicker on - A cookie clicker addictive game! for newgrounds ..

play Farty Flappy Butt

mochimedia.complay Farty Flappy Butt on - Avoid plungers as a farty flappy butt. unlock ..

play Bound To Gun

mochimedia.complay Bound To Gun on - Shoot and blow stuff up and fight awesome boss ..

play Flappy Portal

mochimedia.complay Flappy Portal on - You wake up in the mysterious ..

play Flappy Z

mochimedia.complay Flappy Z on - Check out this super fun and addictive game!!!

play Super Angel Wings

mochimedia.complay Super Angel Wings on - Super angel wings is a fantasy bullet hell ..

play Violet Nightmare

mochimedia.complay Violet Nightmare on - Help violet escape from her nightmare, fight ..

play Puzzle Chain Reaction

mochimedia.complay Puzzle Chain Reaction on - Your goal is to explode all of the circles on ..