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play Franken Rhythm

y8.complay Franken Rhythm on y8.com - Create your dream girlfriend through this ..

play Shorties'S Kingdom 3

y8.complay Shorties'S Kingdom 3 on y8.com - Our little heroes are back! defeat enemies by ..

play Combat Hero

y8.complay Combat Hero on y8.com - Combat hero : is a single player clicker like ..

play Oh My Blob!

y8.complay Oh My Blob! on y8.com - Have you ever faced something, that work ..

play Aim And Fire

y8.complay Aim And Fire on y8.com - In air and fire the player can enter a ..

play Cat Saber

y8.complay Cat Saber on y8.com - The aim is to provide an experience similar to ..

play Whitestone: Survival

y8.complay Whitestone: Survival on y8.com - The de rolo family has fallen, slaughtered by ..

play Heroes Legend

y8.complay Heroes Legend on y8.com - Are you ready to join the biggest adventure ..

play Monster Castle

y8.complay Monster Castle on y8.com - A little procedural dungeon. find the stairs. ..

play Pagliacci

y8.complay Pagliacci on y8.com - Play as the happy killer clown who wants to ..

play Shadow Of The Nothing

y8.complay Shadow Of The Nothing on y8.com - A zelda (nes) inspired procedurally generated ..

play Space Trial

y8.complay Space Trial on y8.com - Swipe your cards to attack, each card can have ..

play Stickman Sword Fighting 3D

silvergames.complay Stickman Sword Fighting 3D on silvergames.com - Stickman sword fighting 3d is a cool stickman ..

play Pumpkin Patch

y8.complay Pumpkin Patch on y8.com - There's a little cemetery located in silverton ..

play Spooky Typer

y8.complay Spooky Typer on y8.com - A halloween themed typing game made only with ..

play Knights Of Fortune

y8.complay Knights Of Fortune on y8.com - Command a knights of fortune in this mid-core ..

play Oasis

y8.complay Oasis on y8.com - Fight the various creatures that are plaguing ..

play A Pixel Adventure: The Rising Of Adenocarcinoma

y8.complay A Pixel Adventure: The Rising Of Adenocarcinoma on y8.com - Your mission to defeat cancer, in its 4 phases, ..

play Hero Journey

y8.complay Hero Journey on y8.com - Play as our handsome young hero. conquer ..

play The Legendary

y8.complay The Legendary on y8.com - Play with a warrior and kill all enemies. catch ..

play Herotime

y8.complay Herotime on y8.com - Prove that you are a true hero! fight monsters, ..

play Hellscape

y8.complay Hellscape on y8.com - Endless hack'n'slash on moving platforms. ..

play A Hero Quest!

y8.complay A Hero Quest! on y8.com - Save the village from the strange monsters ..

play Knights Diamond

y8.complay Knights Diamond on y8.com - You have to collect a diamond and get to the ..